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Is your real estate / property management business expanding? Then it’s time to create systems to keep you organized and help you grow!

The rental market is thriving. It’s a great time to be in property management! Whether you’re new to property management or a seasoned expert, the LandlordSource systems will save you time and money so you can run an efficient real estate / property management operation.

And…LandlordSource products will help you create organized systems that lead to

  • Improved client service
  • An educated staff
  • Increased business

The LandlordSource suite of products has a proven track record.

LandlordSource Products for Real Estate and Property ManagementThe LandlordSource systems are tailored specifically for professional real estate / property management businesses.

  • Thorough form, manual,and document templates that cover many different scenarios and business needs.
  • Relevant landlord and tenant newsletter articles that help you stay in touch with clientele.
  • Used by real estate / property management business owners and leaders across the United States.
  • Developed by Jean Storms, MPM® while owning and running real estate / property management businesses for over 30 years.

Even better…the products are completely customizable!

  • Easily add, remove, or modify any part of a form, manual, or document.
  • Make ongoing updates to ensure the systems comply with local and state requirements.
  • Insert information specific to your business.

Microsoft Word FormatWith basic Microsoft Word® skills you’ll turn the LandlordSource templates into custom systems. Each product comes with a comprehensive instruction guide so you can learn shortcuts and customize the documents more quickly.

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What Do LandlordSource Customers Say?

Mike Mengden, Houston, TX says:
You (Jean Storms)…really understand our business and our needs. Most products and services are built for larger industries…yours are specifically designed to help us (residential property managers.)
Terra Residential Services, Inc.

Melanie Butler, Chattanooga, TN says:
The manuals are much easier to modify than to create from scratch. The info that is in them is pretty complete & accurate, so it doesn’t take much to adjust to fit our policies. Very easy & convenient. They have given us the ‘backbone’ for our operations.
Chattanooga Property Management

Sandra (Sam) Bangerter, Kailua, HI says:
(We buy LandlordSource products) because they are professional, to the point and understandable to all. … they got us started in the correct direction.
Re/Max Kai Lani

Stephen Foster, San Antonio, TX says:
(We buy LandlordSource products) because of the content and the past experience of Jean Storms. The policy and procedures set was a great help in enable our company to attain the (NARPM®) CRMC® designation.
Boardwalk Real Property Management, Inc.

Kristi Villani, Gresham, OR says:
We use the Policy & Procedures Manual…I can’t imagine having to come up with that all on my own! I appreciate that these (LandlordSource) products are well thought out which saves me more time than I would even try to imagine. They have provided me with a resource that saves me time of working on my business, so I can focus on growing my business.
V2 Properties

Dianna Erickson, Chandler, AZ says:
I have found the (LandlordSource) checklists very valuable. The letters are great. Every product I have purchased has helped run my business more efficiently. They have helped to organize the company.
Erickson Realty Group

Property Managers - Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Remember…You don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

It can be tough and time-consuming to create real estate / property management forms, manuals, and documents from scratch! It’s much easier to start with a trustworthy foundation like the LandlordSource products /systems and articles for client newsletters.