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How to update or replace a product

Policy for updates: LandlordSource has no way of tracking the updates to the many documents/manuals sold over time; therefore it is the purchaser/user’s responsibility to keep all documentation/manuals current. It is important to be aware of company, industry, and legislatives changes and proactively update your documents and manuals to reduce risk.

Unsure of what products you have previously purchased? If you are thinking of purchasing a product and are unsure of what you have previously purchased, email and request the information.

Policy for replacement as of 12/1/2017:

Back up your documentation at all times and by multiple methods; this eliminates the need to replace it. Replacements are available for a limited time after the original purchase of products (excluding articles) and the policy is as follows:

Up to 30 days without charge: All products will be replaced without charge up to 30 days after original purchase without a replacement fee.

31-60 days with replacement fee: a product replacement (excluding articles) can be purchased from 31-60 days from original purchase date of product.  If you need a replacement of a product you purchased recently, email or call (800)475-3084 to request the replacementRemember to back up the replacement.

After 60 days from original purchase: if LandlordSource products are lost or destroyed, the purchaser will have to re-purchase the product at the current market price on the LandlordSource websiteAfter purchase, please back up the product purchased.

Tips for downloading

When purchasing a product, you receive a purchase receipt with a link to download your product. In addition, you receive an email with the same download link.

Downloads are only available 4 days from date of purchase

You can only download up to 4 times

When you click any link, it will open a screen where you will see your download.

Save your download to a location where you can find it, such as the desktop, My Documents, etc. LandlordSource recommends you place it on your desktop until are ready to store it.

Be sure to BACKUP all originals and store a copy in another location, such as a USB drive, cloud drive, etc. Then you will always have the original if you need it.

Do “save as” and rename the document before working on the document and keep it in a location where you can easily find it.

If you have any problems with your download, contact  as soon as possible

Special note: if you order a replacement, you will receive a text link; LandlordSource will verify your original purchase and then issues a new link for the download.

Microsoft Word® Quick Tips / LandlordSource PDF Instructions

Here are some of the tools to use to customize your documents.

Read the 30+ page detailed instructions included with your purchase so you can customize the forms, manuals, and documents more quickly and efficiently.

Use “Find and Replace” to replace repeated words (like company name)

Some forms are “restricted or protected” so you can tab from field to field to fill them.Use “Unprotect or Restrict Editing” to edit these forms.

Edit the “header and footer” area to change the logo image

If you need more information on other tools, consult the Microsoft Word ® Help files or read the LandlordSource PDF Instructions. Search by an appropriate term, such as forms, header and footer, find and replace, fill-in fields, protect document, restrict editing, table functions

If you have questions, contact

Do you need help customizing your LandlordSource product? Download the product instructions below. They will help you edit your new document or manual more quickly.
Download Product Instructions
Includes tips on using Microsoft Word® 2003, 2007, 2010, or 2013 to customize your new property management forms, manuals, and documents more quickly.
(Download free Adobe Reader)

How to use the LandlordSource Products

You’ll download your purchase and extract the customizable Microsoft Word® documents from the .zip file. Easily add, remove, or modify any part of a form, manual, or document. Watch the following demo video to see how you’ll use Microsoft Word® to customize the product.