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The Personnel Package, $305

Personnel Package, $305

There are many facets to running a Real Estate/Property Management office. This new package includes 2 key products that will help you with hiring, training, and managing personnel. It is important to have the right tools to guide your personnel and create a winning team.

The Personnel package includes:

  1. Building An Effective Property Management Team – NEW!
  2. The Employee Manual/System for Real Estate and Property Management

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

Easy to Customize using Microsoft Word®

LandlordSource - Customizable Forms, Manuals, and Documents for Real Estate and Property ManagementThe documents utilize many great tools such as the forms mode, tables, and more. Customize the contents with your local / state requirements, your specific business practices, and your company brand identity.

Products are non-transferrable. Only the buyer or buyer’s representatives are authorized to modify and use the purchased content.

The Personnel Package for Property Management

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