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Tenant Articles Seasonal, $22

The following tenant articles focus on various seasonal issues. If you are not finding the right topic, choose another links to more articles.


 T7 Handling the Heat

When extreme heat occurs, it is important to know how to recognize the effects of heat-related illness and what to do. Approximately 570 words

T8 Coping with the Cold

The article contains tips on coping with extreme temperatures and how to watch for symptoms of exposure. Approximately 495 words

T16 Fall Winter Maintenance Tips

This article covers inside and outside maintenance responsibilities, as well as tips on how to control pests during the cooler months. Approximately 620 words

T17 Spring Summer Maintenance Tips

It does not take long for a residence to display a poor appearance after winter. This has tips inside and out on what to do during spring and summer. Approximately 480 words

T18 Handling Winter Storms

It helps residents to be prepared, particularly during severe winter storms. This reviews how to prepare and what not to do. Approximately 560 words

T20 Spring Cleaning T20

Spring-cleaning is an old-fashioned term, but one that is still appropriate. This article provides a list of to-do’s for tenants. Approximately 500 words

T21 Keep the Happy in Your Holidays

This explains methods to watch your health, use common sense safety methods, and enjoy the holidays. Approximately 570 words

T22 New Year Resolutions for Residents

New Year Resolutions for Residents – Everyone makes resolutions and here are great ones for tenants to help them keep their credit and rental history intact. Approx. 550 words

T23 Summer Fun

Summer signals fun – vacations, barbecues, swimming, boating, and many outdoor activities in the sun. Here are some great tips for maintaining enjoyment of summer activities. Approximately 510 words

T26 Are You Ready for the New Year

This article gives tenants tips on how to plan their finances, debt reductions, and general organization. Approximately 520 words

T28 Avoiding Mosquitoes

They say that most accidents happen at home; by taking simple precautions, tenants can avoid them. Approximately 590 words

T29 Avoiding Pesky Pests

There are many ways that tenants can avoid having problems with pests. This article gives many tips on maintaining a pest-free home. Approximately 550 words

T31 It’s a New Year and Reality Returns

When January arrives, it is time to return to practical issues after all the holiday season festivities. Now it is time for tenants to return to handling this reality. Approximately 545 words


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